Damien Black

About Damien Black

For as long as he can remember, Damien Black has been blessed and cursed with a hallucinogenic imagination. His sleep is disturbed by strange dreams that he struggles to remember upon waking, glimpses of worlds where superstitions are reality and prayers might actually work.

The only cure he knows for this malady is writing, an auto-exorcism he performs on himself daily. Over the years, these scribblings have evolved into horror-strewn tales of fantasy fiction.

In 2012 Damien debuted with An Urban Pentagram, a collection of short horror fiction set in his home city of London. Last year, he published his first full-length novel, Devil’s Night Dawning, the first book in the Broken Stone Series. He is currently working on Warlock’s Sun Rising, the next instalment of the dark fantasy epic.

That aside, Damien is a simple creature, fond of his food and drink. He also finds time to share his views on subjects diverse and several at Old Nick’s Letters.