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No sympathy for the invisible devil: their satanic corporate majesties present

World War Two was not a war fought between good and evil. It was a war fought between the very bad and the even worse.

Guess which side won?

The following is by no means an exhaustive account of the injustice, brutality and preventable poverty that has been inflicted by Western regimes since the era of colonial expansion that began some five hundred years ago, culminating in the 20th-century rape of the planet’s people and resources. The next part of this article is presented in stream of consciousness form to facilitate assimiliation and to encourage you to undertake further research of your own. Understand that if I were to write this up in detail, I would have a project totalling several books on my hands, so I hope you will forgive my brevity.

Without further ado then…

Post-colonial third world exploitation, forcing former colonies to give up resources and preventing them from developing first-world diversified economies, strangled by unfair trade deals, loans and tariffs brokered by the IMF, World Bank and other Western-backed institutions, perpetuating poverty and resulting in tens of thousands of child deaths from malnutrition and starvation every day… Bankers’ wars that see profits for Western prosecuted conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and a myriad other theatres funnelled back into the hands of corporations, banks, and the rich elite who invest their money in them (according to Gallup and other Western pollsters, the country perceived worldwide as the greatest threat to world security is the US, with Russia and Iran distant seconds – wonder why?).

The arms trade, which sees the UK alone garner billions of dollars exporting conventional weapons and WMDs to regimes that use them on children and women… Some of these arms find their way into the hands of organised criminal gangs leading to primarily black-on-black deaths in cities across the UK, as well as terrorist organisations, who then use them in attacks such as the one in Paris last year that killed more than 100 people and left one young man unable to move any part of his body but his eyes for the rest of his life.

Depleted uranium-tipped weapons used on children in Iraq, causing birth deformities and immense suffering for victims and their families… Covert funding of ISIS by the CIA since 2012, leading to an Islamist terror group having a medium-sized country in its grasp from which to stage attacks worldwide (The real reason: to prevent the Assad-Putin brokered gas pipeline to the eastern Mediterannean being built, paving the way for the US-backed alternative from Qatar. Guess who stands to profit?)

Toppling by the US and UK of legitimate democratically elected governments in the Middle East since the end of the Second World War, replacing them with dictatorships and in some cases Islamist regimes… Likewise across Latin America and parts of Africa… At least tens of thousands of deaths in Kenya in the 1950s: torture, rape and mutilation carried out by the British Army – the same organisation that fought to overturn fascism a decade earlier in the name of civilization and democracy… British Air Force bombing of Kurdish civilians in Iraq in the 1920s after illegally annexing the territory from the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War… Three preventable famines in India in the 18th century, causing 29 million deaths while the British Empire traded the grain that could have fed them on the high seas so its upper classes could turn yet another tidy profit… A million African deaths due to the Middle Passage of the transatlantic slave trade, with many millions more lives ruined by slavery, acculturation, deprivation and mass rape… Its legacy today seen in black communities all over the US and UK, communities rife with drugs and crime (research indicates disparity of income, not outright poverty, causes high crime levels)… Tens of thousands of people shot dead every year in the USA (most of them from black or hispanic backgrounds) while the firearms industry grows so rich it can afford to employ an army of lobbyists to ensure legislation changing this is never introduced, let alone passed.

Agent Orange sprayed on the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War of 1963-75, causing mass deaths and disability… at least a million killed in North Vietnam alone during the same conflict… Hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq since hostilities ‘ceased’ in 2003… Hundreds of thousands killed in a covert bombing campaign in Cambodia during the 70s, in what President Nixon called a ‘sideshow’ to the war in Vietnam… Likewise in Indonesia… Alan Turing, war hero who helped defeat the Nazis, persecuted for his sexuality to his eventual suicide by a homophobic regime in Britain in the 50s… Serving British troops used as guinea pigs against their will for chemical weapons testing at Porton Down during the same period, again after we put an end to an odious regime that experimented on Jews, gypsies and homosexuals for similar purposes (some of the soldiers died as a result of the experiments and most never fully recovered).

More recently, Dick Cheney profiting from service to companies awarded lucrative contracts as a direct result of the war in Iraq he helped to engineer… Tony Blair doing likewise, having amassed a private fortune on the corporate after dinner speaking circuit after taking the UK to war on a lie… Total deaths caused by postwar US foreign policy including military interventions estimated at between 20 and 30 million in more than 35 countries. A tally Hitler would have been proud of…

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Meanwhile, citizens of the West do nothing. We connive at this global system of slavery, exploitation and mass slaughter in return for a disposal income and illusory freedoms that permit us to change nothing. We protest the war in Iraq in our thousands for a single day, then leave Brian Haw and a handful of people to do the hard work for a decade until they are forced off Westminster square by the police at the behest of Parliament in the name of ‘heritage’.

TV shows and advertising ‘con us into thinking we’re the ones who can do what’s never been done, that can win what’s never been won, meantime life outside goes on all around us’ (to paraphrase Bob Dylan).

We are brainwashed by television, advertising and Hollywood movies that selectively shine a light only on the historical atrocities its wealthy backers want us to focus on. How much of the above has been portrayed on film compared to the crimes of the Nazi and Soviet empires? Definition of propaganda: ‘information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view‘.

The Great American Dream, the Big Society of David Cameron – you too can be a winner, just pay your taxes on labour and goods while the rich salt their fortunes away in offshore banks and avoid taxation on property ownership, despite the fact that 1% of the global population owns about a third of the world’s wealth. And while you’re pursuing said dream, that chimerical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, try not to get sick or old or dependent on the state, because the political class who serve their wealthy masters aren’t using that tax money to build hospitals or surgeries: it’s going to renew our weapons of mass destruction (the ones Saddam didn’t have after all), despite the fact that no one that has nuclear weapons would in their right minds choose to bomb us. Even our great allies, the USA, tried to prevent us acquiring the nuclear bomb in the 1950s. Think about that next time the political class prate on about our need for a nuclear ‘deterrant’; they’re the same people who’ll tell you we stand shoulder to shoulder with America.

World War Two was a war fought between the very bad and the even worse.

Guess which side won?

Make no misake, the Nazis were devils: they wished to create a new world order based on slavery and racial hierarchy, with perpetual war to keep the ‘master race’ vital and continue extracting resources from subject peoples to keep the ruling elite fat and happy. They made no bones about this, as a glance at Hitler’s ‘magnum opus’ Mein Kampf will tell you. But one thing the Nazis had going for them was their relative (and I only mean relative) honesty: they didn’t profess to be democratic guardians of freedom as we do. If you haven’t already grasped my point, re-read this paragraph. Then consider it carefully in the light of everything this article has told you. If you don’t believe any of it, feel free to research it for yourself – in fact I encourage you to do so.

A quote from the 1995 film The Usual Suspects: ‘the best trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.’ Maybe not all Hollywood films are Western propaganda! For I think there is a hint there…

We can see that devil clearly when it’s on the other side. But can we see it when it walks among us, whispering softly in our ears?

Either we can’t because we are blindsided, or we can but no longer care. That means we are either as ignorant as the voters who flocked to support Hitler in the 1930s were, or something much worse: we have become psychopaths by proxy. Lacking all empathy for the victims of our rulers’ monstrous crimes against humanity, we blithely choose to ignore their suffering while complaining as those same masters squeeze us ever more tightly. But even that isn’t enough to impell us to act, because they have calculated exactly how much of the trough to leave us. Give us enough of the fabulous cornucopia of capitalism to nibble on, and we will not change a thing: our grasping ‘needs’, artificial and instilled in us by generations of mass marketing and brainwashing, have fostered in us a pathetic kind of servility that Goebbels would have envied.

Our only hope lies in the masters misjudging the public mood, by which I mean how much the precariat (economically disenfranchsied working and middle class subjects of Western countries) are willing to put up with. A new generation is arising, one that is highly educated, information-rich and (in real terms) cash poor. A generation that can expect to do palpably worse than the last. In them our hope lies. It will be down to our children and theirs to stage a global revolution that will overthrow the corporatocracy and its neo-aristocrats who own the companies and banks and media that control the political class, and through it the armed forces and police. It will be down to our children to take upon themselves the distasteful task of purging from society not only the wealthy dynasties who sit atop this gargantuan yet semi-invisible pyramid, but their shock troops: the bankers, politicians, lawyers, accountants, upper managers, highly skilled professionals and media bosses who serve them in return for enough money to insulate themselves and their families from the worst financial excesses of this malevolant regime. There are almost certainly other culprits, and I can only apologise for failing to enumerate them here – but if you are diligent in your research you will soon learn who they are.

I will say one other thing. If in reading this you have come to the false conclusion that I am in any way sympathising with Nazi Germany, ISIS, or any other despicable regime that has fought the West, you are probably so brainwashed that it is beyond the power of this article to help you. In this case be assured that my sympathies in fact lie with you, not Herr Hitler and his erstwhile gang of war criminals. I chose the Nazis simply because they serve as a very useful mirror, one which anyone who aspires to some kind of moral conduct can only gaze at with horror. Remember what I said about very bad and even worse.

For the Devil walks among us: and he does not wear military uniform or jackboots, but a suit and tie. He speaks not of war and conquest but of peace and trade; not of authoritarianism but democracy; not of racial supremacy but of equality for all.

But remember this: the Devil always lies.

It will fall to our children and grandchildren to see through those lies, not fleetingly in the exuberance of a one-day demonstration or a protest vote against the established order, but continually and progressively, until the horrid truth that observation exposes drives them to do whatever must be done to put a stop to this lethal and insatiable world regime.