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Month: December 2016

We live longer and kill more than ever before

We live in an age of unprecedented longevity. The average lifespan across the world was 71 in 2015 according to the WHO, and has steadily risen since the Industrial Revolution. In 1800 the average life expectancy in the UK was around 40, about half what it is today. Even taking child mortality into account, progress is striking: in 1845 a five-year old child could expect to live to 55; today it's.

No sympathy for the invisible devil: their satanic corporate majesties present

World War Two was not a war fought between good and evil. It was a war fought between the very bad and the even worse. Guess which side won? The following is by no means an exhaustive account of the injustice, brutality and preventable poverty that has been inflicted by Western regimes since the era of colonial expansion that began some five hundred years ago, culminating in the 20th-centu.

St George and the Donald

I love reading history: it throws up all sorts of interesting things. Take for example the curious case of George of Cappadocia, whom I encountered while ploughing through Gibbon's first volume of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. A notoriously intolerant Arian heretic who rejected the Trinity and persecuted the early Catholics during the fourth century, he was a 'tyrant who disr.