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Welcome to Old Nick's Letters, a series of blogs and occasional videos compiled by the writer whenever he feels the constellations are propitious.

Month: November 2016

Big ups for Leon Milk – urban poet and street survivor!!!

Check out this latest release from Leon Milk, an urban poet and musician who grew up in Irvine Welsh country north of the border... I think he is rather awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ1p2iyRExw https://twitter.com/LeonMilkW4 ... Enjoy... :)

The American fairy tale just got ugly

Today I want to talk about faerie tales. And so the next president of the United States promises a revamp of the Great American Dream... The UK voted for Brexit on similarly Utopian visions... The problem with the West is that around about the 1700s we started to tell ourselves faerie stories - about ideal governments ushering in ages of peace and prosperity for all, an end to monarchy and.

How TV has influenced my writing

I am a very visual writer. This stems partly from my love of literature, but I think it's also fair to say that my preoccupation (read: obsession) with television has informed my approach to writing. More than that, I feel there is something intrinsically episodic about my writing. The individual chapters in my debut dark fantasy novel Read More