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Welcome to Old Nick's Letters, a series of blogs and occasional videos compiled by the writer whenever he feels the constellations are propitious.

Month: September 2016

Devil’s Night Dawning to feature on Waking Writers!

Just a quick bulletin to say my humble tome will be featured on the Waking Writers website on Monday 28th Novemeber. Click here to check out what Berneta Haynes is doing for up-and-coming writers the world over! https://wakingwriter.com/ Thanks for reading and see you there...! popup-banner.</p>

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Writing: a spiritual experience?

In my last post I said that world-building gave me the sense of playing god. Perhaps a more accurate description would be to say that writing in general gets me closer to god - no, I'm not overly religious, but I have come to believe that cultivating one's spiritual side is a very good idea. I dabble in meditation and prayer, but for me personally what really nails it is the experience of writ.

World-building: the jewel in the crown of fantasy

Like most fantasy fans, I remember reading The Lord of the Rings as a teenager. What really captured my imagination was not so much the story as the world it evoked; Peter Jackson said that when he read Tolkien he got a feeling of having stumbled on a forgotten history rather than a work of fiction. I have to say I agree completely. My debut work of fantasy fiction Read More

Check out my book reviews on Goodreads!

Hi all, Just a quick notice to mention that when I'm not busy writing and promoting my own work I also take time to review books I've read on Goodreads, the author and reader website. You can take a look at them here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/56014842?sort=review&view=reviews The books I've reviewed (this list will be extended as I go) so far are as follows: Malice, John .


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